Vinterjazz 2012 – part 2

15/02/2012 by lars

As I wrote in the earlier post, the Vinterjazz festival in Denmark took place last week.

I started out playing two gigs with my quartet – one in Aalborg and one in Odense.  At the moment we are trying out a bunch of new songs so we can have them ready for our next recording, and I think they are really starting to come together now. Below you can hear a small excerpt of a brand new tune with the working title “PM (dedicated to Paul Motian)”, recorded at the concert in Aalborg.

I also played a couple of concerts with the drummer Thomas Eiler. It was the first time I ever tried to play an entire concert of improvised music in a duo setting. It was very challenging, but also very very fun, and I think the music ended up sounding pretty good. We recorded all of it, so hopefully we will be able to release a live album sometime this year. More on that later…

Right now I’m spending most of my time writing new music as a part of my master’s thesis, wich is way the “calendar”-section looks a little empty at the moment. In a couple of months I’ll have time to get back out in to the real world, and I’ll be sure to let you know when and where I’m playing next. For now, take care!

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