Lars Fiil – Frit Fald II (2018)

“Lars Fiil’s Free Fall was quite enigmatic due to the unpredictable, odd and mysterious way they gave shape to playful particles. They did it in a slowed down tempo with irregular steps and accents in wide spaces alternating elusive and deep sonorities. A specialty was the unorthodox use of the nay by Lis Raabjerg Kruse creating fascinating rich sounds. The overall effect was enchanting.”
– Henning Bolte (NL) – Allaboutjazz

“The gorgeousness of this CD is second to none I have heard in the past few months … Improvisation never had it so good…”
– Sammy Stein (UK) , freejazzblog

“This is powerful and exciting music”
– Wulf Muller (DE)

Fiil Free – Everything Is A Translation

“Overall this album is another proof that the young European improvising scene is alive and kicking like never before… not to be missed by any free Jazz fans anywhere in the world!”
Adam Baruch (PL) – The Soundtrack Of My Life

“Everything Is A Translation is one of those CDs that opens doors and windows in musical minds…a stroke of genius”
Sammy Stein (UK) – Jazz In Europe

“In the experimental part of the jazz world where loose structures and innovative improvisation comes alive, Fiil Free performs highly original music”
Niels Overgaard – Jazznyt

“In this piece (Is It Doubt, red), that leans towards a chamber jazz like expression, the musicians are looking for their artistic limits in a rich and nuanced way, refining their own ways of playing. A brave structural freedom gushes out of the piece, even though no extremes are being chased. The playing remains mature, with some degree of melancholy and deep sorrow culminating as a straightforward, neat and minimalistic performance.”
Juoko Kirstilä (FI) –

Lars Fiil – Frit Fald

“The interplay is lyrical and intimate most of the time, stressing every breath, move or pulse of the fragmented melodies, enjoying the contemplative, highly poetic exploration of abstract, improvised passages. It keeps its close and balanced chamber-like highly attentive dynamics. Lars Fiil is a unique composer and improviser.”
– Eyal Hareuveni, Freejazzblog (Israel)

“The music contains the ability to turn complexity into simple and pure beauty, the continued exploration in crystalline melodies far from cliché.”
– Vincenzo Roggero, allaboutjazz (IT)

“The playing develops in an interesting way inside the composed music, adding structural, freely experimenting expressions. A certain degree of inner quarreling and controversy gives color and edge to the playing. An experimenting jazz expression that blows freely like the wind.”
– Jouko Kirstilä, Jazzrytmit (FI)

“They create an abstract kind of chamber music where every nuance of the instrument is explored in carefully crafted sound poems. It is a bold direction Lars Fiil has taken with Frit Fald where he balances on the edge of form while still retaining a clear sense of musical purpose. This is music that whispers in the wilderness without getting lost.”
– Jakob Bækgaard, allaboutjazz (DK)

“This record is recommended for everyone who appreciates open-minded jazz music”
– Niels Overgård, jazznyt (DK)


Lars Fiil Quartet – Reconsideration

”The album, consisting entirely of compositions penned by the leader, shows a
band whose understanding of the complexities of musical form belies its young
age. While each of the members is certainly a highly skilled musician,
instrumental prowess isn’t really the issue here. It’s about unfolding the melodic
beauty of Fiil’s compositions, creating a mood and a sense of dynamics that ties
the work together as a whole.”
‐ Allaboutjazz (USA)

”Reconsideration is a sublime piece of work.”
”…Reconsideration aims much higher and beyond many of it’s Scandinavian
”…I believe we will be talking about this album again as part of our Best Albums
Of 2011…”
Jazzwrap (USA)

“Lars Fiil proves that Danish jazz keeps an incredibly high level these years”
“A remarkably mature debut”
‐ Politiken, 4/6 stars (DK)

”Lars Fiil Quarter have overcome all the barriers with their debut, where most of
musicians are still struggling to find themselves. The band has discovered their
true sound and identity”
‐ Rockline (SLO)

”The quartet (…) works as a tight unit that in the best possible way presents the
original material that has a distinct melancholic tone, but also a touch of
unpredictable avantgarde dynamic…”
‐ Jazzspecial (DK)

“In short, a great debut album, a quartet that will surely come a long way.”
‐ Allaboutjazz (IT)

“I’m struck by how fresh and new the music sounds, with a intensity you would
want from all music.”
‐ Lira (SE)

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